Clinical and Biochemical Genetics

The Division of Clinical and Biochemical Genetics has a rich history of providing genetic consultation and counseling services to thousands of families, training more than 100 geneticists and genetic counselors, and contributing to the understanding of numerous genetic conditions through research. Originally known as the Division of Clinical Genetics, the Division was under the expert direction of Dr. David D. Weaver from its inception in 1976 until 2005. In 2006, Dr. Bryan E. Hainline was named Director of the newly merged Division of Clinical and Biochemical Genetics.

In clinics at the Indiana University School of Medicine at Indianapolis and throughout Indiana, more than 2,000 individuals and families meet with our board certified geneticists and genetic counselors every year. We offer genetic consultation and/or genetic counseling for a variety of hereditary conditions and birth defects. We also offer specialized clinics for individuals with neurogenetic disorders, familial cancers, bone dysplasias, fetal alcohol syndrome, and thrombophilias. The patient services provided by the Division of Clinical and Biochemical Genetics are supported in part by Title V, Maternal and Child Health Block Grant funds administered through the Indiana State Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Services.

The Division of Clinical and Biochemical Genetics is also deeply dedicated to the education of our future genetics professionals. Our efforts include operating the ABGC-accredited Indiana University Genetic Counseling Program, providing clinical experience to other graduate and medical students, and training physicians in our ACGME-accredited clinical genetics residency program.

The research interests of our faculty and genetic counselors encompass a variety of medical and educational topics in genetics. A sampling of areas of study includes embryologic origins of birth defects, teratology, prenatal diagnosis, skeletal dysplasias, neurogenetics, mitochondrial disorders, familial cancers, and genetic education of health professionals and the public.

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