Research projects within the Division of Clinical Genetics include a variety of medical genetic and educational topics. Click on the links of our geneticists and genetic counselors to learn about their interests and activities, and to view recent publications.


Brian Hainline, M.D., Ph.D.
Melissa Lah, M.D.
Mary Stuy, M.D.
Wilfredo Torres-Martinez, M.D.
Gail H. Vance, M.D.
Laurence Walsh, M.D.
Stephanie Ware, M.D.
David D. Weaver, M.D.


Genetic Counselors

Paula Delk, M.S., LCGC
Ben Helm, M.S., LCGC
Katelyn Hodge, M.S., LCGC
Cindy Hunter, M.S., LCGC
Susan Romie, M.S., LCGC
Katie Schumacher, M.S., LCGC
Kayla Smith, M.S., LCGC


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