The program’s curriculum is designed to fulfill the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling by preparing students for a career in genetic counseling and for eligibility to take the American Board of Genetic Counseling certification examination.  The curriculum includes didactic instruction in principles of human, clinical, biochemical and molecular genetics; embryology and dysmorphology; laboratory and clinical research skills; and cytogenetics and cancer genetics among other subjects.  Classroom instruction and special topic seminars provide exploration of social, legal, and public health aspects of genetics.  Students learn psychosocial theories and skills through a combination of didactic work and interactive role plays as well as through practical application in numerous clinical rotations in a variety of hospital and clinical settings.  Laboratory experience  includes classroom and hands-on instruction in diagnostic molecular and cytogenetics procedures with practice in in silico analysis of variants and results interpretation.  Throughout the program, students gain extensive teaching experience via presentations required for the graduate research project , departmental seminar and journal club among other educational activities. 

To complete the Indiana University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program and obtain a Master of Science in Medical Genetics, a graduate student must successfully:
1) complete a minimum of 45* hours of specified coursework and clinical rotations
2) complete a graduate research project 
3) present a departmental seminar
4) present at journal club
5) pass a comprehensive examination.
Students must achieve a minimum of a “B” (3.0) grade in all departmental courses and clinical rotations and a minimum of a “C” (2.0) in all non-departmental courses, with an overall GPA minimum of 3.0.

Please follow these links to view a typical schedule for genetic counseling students as well as course descriptions.  Note that the order in which courses are taken may vary from student to student. Some courses are taught every other year and will be taken by both first and second year students at the same time.  Courses specific to the genetic counseling program are typically taken only by genetic counseling students while courses in various topics of human genetics may be taken with other medical and graduate students within the IU School of Medicine.

The Indiana University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program is fortunate to be located within a large genetics department with the expertise of a wide variety of genetics specialists immediately available. Consequently, most required program courses are taught by our own faculty and genetic counselors. We encourage you to explore this website thoroughly to learn more about the interests of the genetics professionals in our department.


*Two additional one-credit hour courses will be added to the required curriculum in Fall 2016.  These include Practical Cardiovascular Genetic Counseling offered in the spring semester for first year students and Professional Issues in Genetic Counseling offered to second year students in the fall semester.  These courses will contribute to a 47-credit-hour requirement for graduation beginning with those who graduate in or after May 2018.


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