William Barnett  Ph.D.

Clinical and translational informatics, genomics analyses, high performance computing, privacy and security

Picture of Dr. Daniela Bischof

Daniela Bischof, Ph.D.



Sean Courtney, Ph.D.

Cancer genomics; Next Generation Sequencing; Bioinformatics; Computational genomics; Genomic biomarkers of cancer biology; Genetic regulation of cancer biology; Cancer immunology

Picture of Dr. Lijun Cheng

Lijun Cheng, Ph.D.

Bio-computational method application in pharmacogenetics & precision medicine

Paula R. Delk, MS, CGC

Genetics Education, Dysmorphology, and Craniofacial and Skeletal Dysplasia Syndromes

Stephen Dlouhy, Ph.D.

Molecular and biochemical genetics; inherited human neurologic disease; DNA and cell banking; mouse model systems; X-chromosome proteolipid protein gene


Tatiana Foroud, Ph.D.

Population genetics; complex disease gene mapping


Hongyu Gao, Ph.D.




Bryan Hainline, M.D., Ph.D.

Molecular genetics; inherited disorders of mitochondrial metabolism and biogenesis; molecular biology of fatty acid metabolism; trace metal and cofactor metabolism; treatment of Prader-Willi syndrome


Brittney-Shea Herbert, Ph.D.

Molecular genetics of breast cancer; telomeres/telomerase; targeting telomerase for therapy; cancer predisposition syndromes


Jennelle C. Hodge

Jennelle C. Hodge, Ph.D., FACMG

Mining of genomic data for genotype and phenotype correlation; genetics of solid tumors, particularly prostate cancer and uterine neoplasms; development and implementation of innovative technologies for molecular and cytogenomic clinical diagnostics

Janaiah Kota, Ph.D. 

MicroRNAs in human disease; liver and pancreatic cancers; microRNA-based therapeutics; gene therapy


Melissa Lah, M.D.

Clinical genetics and dysmorphology, birth defects and inborn errors of metablism


Dongbing Lai, Ph.D.



Lang Li, Ph.D.

Translational Biomedical Informatics, Pharmacometrics, Pharmacogenetics, and System Biology

Yunlong, Liu, Ph.D.

Using computational approach to study regulatory mechanisms of gene expression from different levels, including transcriptional regulation, post-transcriptional regulation, and epigenetic regulation


Xiongbin Lu, Ph.D.

DNA damage response, cancer genomics, cancer metabolism, tumor microenvironment


Anirban K. Mitra, Ph.D.

Regulation of ovarian cancer metastasis by microRNAs and transcription factors induced by the microenvironment; regulation of ovarian cancer stem cells by cancer associated fibroblasts

Nuria Morral, Ph.D.

Diabetes; hepatic fatty acid metabolism; gene targets and therapeutic treatments; recombinant adenoviral vectors; transgenic animal models


Heather O'Hagan, Ph.D

Inflammation, Epigenetics, Colon cancer, DNA damage, DNA repair 


Victoria M. Pratt, Ph.D, FACMG

Clinical Molecular Genetics, pharmacogenomics, quality assurance, regulatory oversight

Kimberly A. Quaid, Ph.D.

Psychosocial assessment of genetic technology; presymptomatic testing for genetic disorders


Xi Rao, Ph.D.

Next generation sequencing data analysis, cancer genomics, systems biology approaches to understand regulatory mechanisms of gene expression


Tae-Hwi Linus Schwantes-An, Ph.D.

Statistical genetics, genetics of complex diseases, new methods development, genetic epidemiology


Mary Stuy, M.D.

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, PKU Management, Fatty Acid Oxidation deficiencies, newborn screening evaluations

Hiromi Tanaka, Ph.D.

Understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms of aging and carcinogenesis

Wilfredo Torres-Martinez, M.D.

Clinical genetics; dysmorphology; prenatal diagnosis; teratology


Gail H. Vance, M.D.

Molecular cytogenetics of germ cell tumors and thymomas; clinical cytogenetics; clinical genetics and dysmorphology; familial cancer syndromes; risk, studies; and database


Jun Wan, Ph.D.

Computational biology and bioinformatics with emphasis in gene regulation and epigenetics


Yue Wang, Ph.D.

Understanding how MSCs function to protect the heart from ischemia; development of novel and effective pharmacological and molecular interventions


Stephanie Ware, M.D., Ph.D., FACMG

Disorders of cardiac function (cardiomyopathies) and structure (congenital heart disease)


David D. Weaver, M.D.

Clinical genetics; dysmorphology; syndromology; birth defects; inherited disorders; prenatal diagnosis; embryology; teratology

Kenneth E. White, Ph.D.

Molecular genetics of skeletal disorders; tumor induced osteomalacia; fibroblast growth factor-23; transgenic models; Klotho


Chi Zhang, Ph.D.

Cancer System Biology; Computational modeling of cancer micro-environment and its association with genomic variations

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