Jennifer Ivanovich, MS, CGC

Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics
Certified Genetic Counselor

Jen joined the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics in 2017. Her primary role is to assist with the expansion of the clinical cancer genetic and precision genomic services offered throughout the IU Health system.  Jen also participates in teaching graduate students in the Genetic Counseling training program as well as the genetic residents.

Prior to joining Indiana University, Jen worked as a genetic counselor at Washington University in St. Louis for over twenty years. She founded the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Program and was a member of the research team responsible for the discovery of the DICER1 gene as the basis for the pleuropulmonary blastoma cancer syndrome. She is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati Genetic Counseling Program and is certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.

Jen’s professional interests include cancer genetics and genomics, precision medicine, as well as the care of young adults with cancer. Jen’s personal interests are focused on issues of social justice and poverty.

Select Publications

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Kaphingst KA, Ivanovich J, Elrick A, Dresser R, Matsen C, Goodman MS. How, who, and when: preferences for delivery of genome sequencing results among women diagnosed with breast cancer at a young age. Molecular Genetics Genomic Medicine. 2016 Oct 24:4(6)684-695. PMID: 27896289.


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