Sandra Prucka, MS, LCGC

Assistant Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics
Director of Genetic Counseling for Clinical Services
Licensed and Certified Genetic Counselor

Sandy joined the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics in August of 2017.  Her primary role is to lead the vision and strategic plan for the provision of genetic counseling services and expansion of these services into new areas. This will include the development of leadership, research, and outreach capabilities and promotion of educational efforts for the genetic counselors she supervises within the department to ensure continued delivery of excellence in clinical care. 

Prior to joining Indiana University Sandy spent 8 years at Eli Lilly and Company working primarily in the area of Tailored Therapeutics.  In this role she supported pharmacogenomic and biomarker sample collection efforts from global clinical trials with specific expertise in the areas of bioethics, global laws/regulations affecting biomarker research, informed consent and genetic education.  Due to her expertise in these areas Sandy has served as the Co-Chair of the Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group (2015-2017) and member of the Innovative Medicines Initiative Coordination and Support Action for Data Privacy (2015 – 2017).  She is the co-chair of the Harvard Multiregional Clinical Trials Center Return of Individual Research Results Working Group, leads the Education and Communications Task force of the Industry Pharmacogenomics Working Group and is a member of the National Society of Genetic Counselors Ethics Advisory Group. 

During her last year at Lilly, before joining IU, Sandy was an Innovation Lead within the Clinical Innovations group.  In this role she identified and collaborated with external partners for projects that address key barriers for engaging and retaining research professionals’ participation in industry sponsored clinical trials.  In addition, she helped lead efforts looking at new approaches to electronic informed consent building on recommendations published by the Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative (CTTI).  Prior to joining Lilly she was the Director of Genetic Counseling Services at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where she also worked as a clinical genetic counselor in the areas of preconception, prenatal, pediatric, cancer and cardiovascular care. 

Sandy’s professional interests include the expansion of genetic counseling services and exploration of new models for conducting clinical genetic counseling in addition to her interests in pharmacogenomics, personalized medicine, and the return of individual results generated from participation in medical research. 

Selected Publications:

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