IT Polices and Procedures

IU Medical and Molecular Genetics follows all relevant University and School of Medicine IT Policies.

Policies defined at the university level include:


IT-01 Appropriate Use of IT Resources
IT-02 Misuse and Abuse of IT Resources
IT-03 Eligibility to Use IT Resources
IT-07 Privacy of Electronic Information and Information Technology Resources
IT-11 Excessive Use of IT Resources
IT-12 Security of IT Resources
IT-18 Network and Computer Accounts Administration
IT-19 Extending the University Data Network
IT-20 Wireless Networking
IT-21 Use of Electronic Mail
ISPP-24 Web Site Privacy Notices
ISPP-25 Information Governance

Policies defined further at the School level include:

IUSM SEC-01   Application Security Policy
IUSM SEC-02  Disposition of IUSM Electronic Media
IUSM SEC-03   Back-up and Recovery Policy
IUSM SEC-04   Incident Response Policy
IUSM SEC-05   Security of Mobile Computing Devices
IUSM SEC-06   Electronic Mail Security Policy
IUSM SEC-08   Security of the IUSM Research Community
IUSM SEC-09   Anti-Virus Policy
IUSM SEC-10   Patch Management Policy

Departmental Polices:

MMGE-IT01:  Privately Owned Portable Equipment
MMGE-IT02:  Sharing Sensitive Data with other Institutions
MMGE-IT03:  Administrative Rights Assignment
MMGE-IT04:  Storage of Sensitive Data

Departmental Procedures:

Procedures are subject to change over time, as technical and functional requirements evolve.  For access to an MMGE-IT Procedure manual, please contact the IT managers.

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