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E10.5 mouse eye stained with Pax6 (red) and Sox2 (green)

Human chromosome spread harboring a human artificial chromosome (HAC).

Obesity and Diabetes

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Inborn errors of metabolism

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Gene Expression Regulation

Fragile X test performed in a male patient carrying the full mutation allele of the FMR1 gene.

Lacrimal gland budding induced by Fgf10 beads

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Notable News

Vijay Ramanan publishes in Molecular Psychiatry
Kudos to MMGE MD/PhD student Vijay Ramanan (Saykin Lab) for his recent publication in a high impact journal in his field: "APOE and BCHE as modulators of cerebral amyloid deposition: a florbetapir PET genome-wide association study" (now in press in Mo…
MMGE PhD Students Receive Travel Awards
Congratulations to MMGE PhD students Emrin Horgusluoglu, Jillian Koziel, and Gregg Wagner for being selected to receive IUSM Travel Awards from the Graduate Student Organization (GSO).
Erica Clinkenbeard Receives Travel Award
Erica Clinkenbeard, PhD, postdoctoral fellow in the White laboratory, was selected as a participant and for a travel award to the Endocrine Fellows Foundation (EFF)/ASBMR Seventh Fellows Forum on Metabolic Bone Diseases prior to ASBMR 2013 (Oct., 2013), and was also awarded an ASBMR Young Investigator Travel Grant for the ASBMR Annual Meeting (Oct. 4-8, 2013; Baltimore, MD), due to the scoring priority of her submitted abstract.
Congratulations to Anna Bonfitto
Congratulations to MS student Anna Bonfitto for being awarded an American Association for University Women Career Development Grant for the 2014-15 academic year.