Clinic Listing

Individuals or families who wish to schedule an appointment in one of our clinics should have a primary care physician contact our office at 317-274-1057 to make appropriate referrals and to send medical records. Please note that the Adult Genetics Clinic, Madison and South Bend Genetics Clinics have different contact numbers listed below. The general genetics clinics provide genetic consultation and counseling for all genetic/potentially genetic conditions. See the specialty service clinics listed below for conditions covered.

General Genetics Clinics in Indianapolis

Medical Genetics Clinic
Riley Hospital for Children

Adult Genetics Clinic
Indiana University Hospital
Contact 317-274-8660 or 1-800-486-6124

Genetic Counseling Clinic
Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics
Medical Library Building


General Genetics Clinics Outside of Indianapolis

Bloomington Genetics Clinic
Bloomington Hospital

Madison Genetics Clinic
King's Daughters' Hospital
Contact 812-265-0215

South Bend Genetics Clinic
Memorial Hospital (Cancer Counseling also available)
Contact 574-647-3571

Terre Haute Genetics Clinic
IU Genetics Clinic
Contact 317-274-3966


Genetic Specialty Clinics in Indianapolis

Bone Dysplasia Clinic
Genetic Consultation and Counseling for Conditions Affecting Bone Growth
Riley Hospital for Children

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Diagnostic Clinic
Genetic Consultation and Counseling for Prenatal Alcohol Exposures
Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis

Indiana Familial Cancer Clinic
Genetic Counseling for Suspected or Known Familial Cancers
Several Indianapolis Locations

Marfan Syndrome Clinics
Pediatrics and Adults- Riley Hospital for Children
Contact 317-274-3966

Neurogenetics Clinic
Genetic Consultation and Counseling for Conditions Affecting the Nervous System
Riley Hospital for Children

975 West Walnut Street | Medical Research and Library Building, IB 130 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 944-3966